SIPE, ICM Group, has been manufacturing industrial, commercial, and office prefabricated buildings since 1963. The manufactured types guarantee the realization of flexible, single, and multi-floor structures, which are cost-effective and durable. With an annual production of over 30,000 m3 of concrete structures and curtain wall panels, SIPE is an important player in the North Italian market. The Almisano plant covers 115,000 square meters. Here, in compliance with new regulations, investments in R&D and automation, sophisticated production lines optimize the production. SIPE operates in the market supplying and installing prefabricated structures, also creating “turnkey” buildings. In recent years, in addition to the traditional production in Italy, SIPE has been specializing in the design, activation and commissioning of prefabrication plants abroad.

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Corporate policy

SIPE believes that it is possible to compete in the marketplace, meeting client needs while enforcing all applicable shipbuilding, labor relations, safety, and environmental regulations.

Staff training

We provide workers with the knowledge and methods to stay updated

Health & safety

Minimizing risks, preventing problems, and resolving weaknesses

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental risk assessment and collaboration with monitoring and prevention agencies


Sophisticated production systems optimise the output


Forward-looking design of activities and constant attention to customer needs


We participate in projects for the use of sustainable building systems

We are an ICMQ-certified company. Learn about all of Sipe’s certifications

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