Pi Greco

PIGRECO allows the creation of load-bearing decks up to 21.00 linear meters, or flat industrial roofs with openings reaching lengths of over 30.00 linear meters, guaranteeing a fire resistance of up to R180 according to applicable regulations in force. The wide production range, with heights of 50/80 cm, and with variable thicknesses in terms of ribs, allows the economic optimization of both openings and overloads. In the slab, it is possible to obtain zenithal or shed skylights that can be equipped with ventilation elements. Waterproofing is carried out by applying bituminous or synthetic layers, after interposing insulating panels. In the roof, in the absence of the installation completion casting, the anti-seismic connections to the primary beams take place by means of mechanical blocking systems.

Walking resistance

Excellent walking resistance of the coverings

Fire resistance

up to R'180

Flat roofs

up to 30 ml


up to 3000 daN/sqm


Easy positioning for rooftop installations

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