Asso 300

Asso 300 is characterized by a monolithic tubular flat intrados element with a plan pitch of the window frames ranging between 2.70/3.00 meters and a window height of about 70 cm. This guarantees a remarkable aesthetic value compared to all other products on the market, as well as the total absence of shaded areas. The tubular section, much stiffer than the open ones, ensures greater torsion resistance than roofs made completely of concrete with a high resistance to fire (up to R180′) for openings greater than 25 m. Waterproofing is attained by using bituminous and synthetic coverings or an all-aluminum covering. However, the standards in terms of walking resistance of the coverings are guaranteed, as per regulations, in the presence of (photovoltaic and thermal) systems. The microshed adapts to every production solution and also to the need for integrating and upgrading plants with fixed and opening windows, heat and smoke exhausts, chimneys and extractors. The anti-seismic connections to the primary beams take place by means of mechanical blocking systems.

Walking resistance

Excellent walking resistance of the coverings

Fire resistance

up to R'120


Tubular section with greater torsion resistance


Illuminating surface up to 24%.


Especially suitable for the installation of photovoltaic solar panels

Asso 300

Asso 300 Shed roof covering of integral aluminum

Asso 300

Asso 300 Shed roof covering of sheath-aluminum

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